Carlo Berarducci Architecture is an internationally recognized architectural firm based in Rome, and working all over.

The studio design deals with a wide range of project scales, from architecture and urban scale to the interior design and furniture design, in the belief that there is not differences in the design approach. The studio reached a consolidated experience in architectural design for residential projects performing and realizing a number of residential complex and large developments in Rome, and achieved a recognized and rewarded experience in conversion and redevelopment in consolidated urban areas with contemporary languages and hight standards of details with projects realized and under realization in Italy, Libya, Germany, UK, France.

The design approach of the firm starts from the ever-changing conditions at the base of each project, avoiding the search for a defined and repeated formal identity. The projects always start from the study of the place, the site, the program, needs and expectations of the different clients and from budget resources. The specific research of the practice is concerned firstly with the space configuration in the believe that architecture is essentially the art of building environments where people could feel comfortable and engaged. The studio keep delivering an architecture with a simple and clear shape configuration, the more open and fluid spatial organization, with a sensual touch of materials.


Carlo Berarducci think that architecture is an intuitive discipline that contains an artistic component in which converges an essentially visual baggage, and he sees no difference in the approach between the large scale of the architecture and urban design and the small scale of the object and the interior design, because architecture is fundamentally the organization of space and of the elements that define or fill it. Designing the relationship between interior spaces is no different from designing the relationship between buildings in an urban area or a building and a natural setting. Even the small-scale of industrial object can not be distinguished from architecture, the design of a chaise longue or a table starts from the same premises and process, with the same vision luggage transferred to the small scale.


Carlo Berarducci Architecture received awards and honours in national and international competitions and prizes such as the World Architectural Festival Awards, Inside Awards, IF Awards, LEAF Awards, Inarch Restaurants and Hotels Award, and others. Between last projects are Zen Sushi Restaurant; Kami Spa Parioli, a Luxury Oriental Day-Spa in Rome under completion; Haus Bavaria, a private residence in an heritage urban site in Bavaria, Germany, after the realization of which the studio was invited with other four German firms to develop a proposal for a new intervention in the historic center of the UNESCO World Heritage city of Regensburg, under development; Other projects are The Libyan European Hospital in Sabratha, Libya; and several residential complexes on behalf of the largest Real Estate agencies in Rome, together with numerous interior projects for restaurants, offices, apartments, hotel's spa and wellness areas realized or under construction.

Carlo Berarducci since student has always realized one off prototypes for armchairs, chaise longues, sofas and tables, that have been exposed in several art galleries and museums collectives and in the most important furniture fairs.


Carlo Berarducci graduated with honors from the University of Rome La Sapienza where he also obtained the title of Doctor of Philosophy (PHD) in Theories of Architecture with a thesis entitled "Art and Architecture, from the raw material to the miracle, the relationships between the languages of art and architecture". On behalf of the Vicariate of Rome, he led to the realization his Thesis project for a repeatable model of church and parish complex with the building of S. Agostino of Canterbury in Rome, honored at the "First Prize of Architecture Trevi Flash Art Museum" and "Inarch Award 2001".