A large open living space overlooking the park made with just three materials, maple wood, white plaster and Carrara marble, with a Japanese meaning.

The apartment is located on the third floor of a typical Roman “palazzina” building from the early 1960s with two apartments per floor and a central staircase and a small cloister for the ventilation.


The clients are a couple of lawyers with three children to whom we designed and built a first apartment on the third floor of the building. After many years the purchased the neighboring apartment on the same floor, and asked to join them, saving as much of the first as possible to create a single large apartment that still retains the flexibility of being able to be easily divided again in the future. Therefore we decided to create the whole living areas, living room, dining room and study, inside the new apartment overlooking the entire front facing the park, with the kitchen behind it, together with the master bedroom with his internal bathroom and a small private spa, while leaving in the previous apartment, substantially unchanged, the three children's bedrooms together with a laundry room instead of the old kitchen and the small living room.


The living area is designed as a single individual space without interruptions of continuity along the windowed front overlooking the park, with the living room in the middle, the study on the left and the dining room on the right, which can be separated by means of full-height sliding panels. Blind that of the study, and semitransparent that of the dining room made up of vertical elements in maple wood.


A stereometric rectilinear volume is the only element that defines the spaces of the new apartment completely emptied of any pre-existing subdivision.

A long wooden container wall hung from the ground with a perimeter light screens the living room from the entrance and encloses the kitchen behind the dining room, functioning at the same time as a backdrop for the living room and dining room and as a container cabinet at the entrance and in the kitchen.

A narrow range of only three materials characterizes the spaces of the entire apartment. The maple wood used for all the joinery, for equipped vertical walls, claddings and timber false ceilings, as well as for the parquet floors, the white plaster of walls and ceilings, and the Carrara marble for kitchen and bathrooms tops.