Italia Rosso Corsa table is a project by Carlo Berarducci for a table that reproduces the iconic geography of Italy in the symbolic Ferrari racing red color.


Italia Rosso Corsa table by Carlo Berarducci is inspired by the rooms of the geographical maps, typical of Renaissance palaces, and combines the iconic and unmistakable geography of Italy with the racing red of the most famous car manufacturer in the world.


Its iconic form is that of an inaccurate map of Italy as the maps of the sixteenth century use to be, larger and stocky than modern maps. The idea born to realiza a custom table for the dining room of the Renaissance Palazzo Manassei Penthouse apartment in Terni radically renovated by Carlo Berarducci Architecture studio. The table is intended as a large model in the center of the room, as a memory of the globes and geographical maps that used to be in Rainassance Palazzos.


The asymmetric and unexpected configuration invites and allows an informal and changeable use. The wider part of northern Italy with a vaguely semi-oval shape allows the arrangement of six, eight seats all around, while the long central and southern part is configured as a long “fratino” table with opposed or staggered eight to ten seats along the narrower parts, for a total of 14th. The irregular shape derives as well from the Balinese tree trunks tables, while the iconography of inaccurate, upside-down and islandless Italy is also a tribute to the art work of Luciano Fabro and his flipped Italies scultures.


The iconic scenographic presence of Italia table with its unexpected Italia shape produce immediately a warm, welcoming environment at the same time exciting and dynamic that puts at ease and invites to an open and stimulating sociality.


The table with its mere presence improves the deeper function of a table that is to meet each others, stay together and share emotions. Italia table is original and truly iconic and puts in a good mood, celebrating the rituality of the convivium. At the same time methaphor of Italian manufacture and Italian kitchen, it summarize Italian peculiarity.