The project deal with the redevelopment and regeneration of an existing building in a consodidated urban context through a contemporary approach.


The building stands out for its simplicity with its stereometric shape, a wood volume suspended and projecting over the street.


The small existing villa was radically transformed in a contemporary way through simple but substantial changes.


Red mahogany wood is the only one material that cover all over the building.

Inside the materials used are all natural ones and have natural finishings. Open pore timber screens and wooden wall coverings illuminated by hidden sources runs all over the spaces together with black granite and marble. Polished black granite flooring, brushed black granite washbasins and bathtubs , and black with white veins marble walls.


The internal spaces will be filled of contemporary art works and photographs from the client 's collection, as well as many antiques form Thailand and Indonesina, as the clients are important collectors of contemporary art, and at the same time are big lovers of Asia and Asian culture that have learned to love more and more over the course of many trips to the Far East.


A sculptural object, with a strong and elementary volume , minimal  and primary as a sculpture by Donald Judd, with the warmth of the materials that recalls the the woods of the traditional architecture of the Far East.